Monday, 19 September 2011

Why use a Garden Designer

Making outside spaces into beautiful places
All outside spaces, large or small, are worthy of design and if a project is to be successful professional garden design will be beneficial. A garden designer will offer their expert advice and extensive knowledge about how to maximise the potential of your garden space.
Developing the garden and making plant choices without professional support or advice can result in a mishmash of ideas incorporating elements that will never sit comfortably together in the garden and a planting scheme that struggles to thrive, requiring replacement until you get it right. This often results in a costly and disappointing project with the end results never matching your aspiration.
 The difference between creating a garden which is ok and a garden which really works for you are the skills a Garden Designer will be able to bring to your project.
Garden Designers are skilled technicians trained in and using both the aesthetic arts and technical disciplines of design.  They are adept at combining the need for design with the client’s aspirations, interrupting the way the client will want to use the garden and developing ideas and thoughts into an achievable design plan.
They are creative problem solvers, skilled at the planning and shaping of outside spaces to create innovative and practical gardens, incorporating elements into the garden in a way that enhances the functionality of the garden and are also beautiful to look at.
All the disciplines of, Design, Horticulture, Ecology and Construction are combined together to create a garden that is a well laid out functional space offering sustainable benefit to the client. For example this could include extending your living space, creating a safe play area for children or accommodating changing lifestyles.
A Garden Designer is able to survey the garden and make confident decisions and judgments about the gardens potential, they will be able to analysis the soil and the aspect so that they can make knowledgeable choices about construction materials used and the plants to install. They will offer advice on how best to advance with your project and provide direction and supervision during construction of the garden.
Many garden designers will also be able to give advice about tweaking existing garden features, planting schemes, plant health, self-build projects and aftercare and maintenance